How to build an innovation culture among students by Prof. Christer Nygren, Malardalen University (MDU), Sweden

शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळी    28-Nov-2022
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Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali had organized a special talk on “How to build an innovation culture among students: The Swedish Model” by Prof. Christer Nygren, Malardalen University (MDU), Sweden. The program was chaired by Advocate S. K. Jain, Chairman of Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali and it began with Dr. Uday Salunke, Group Director, Welinkgar Education Schools, Mumbai, sharing his experience about running a 15-year old collaboration with the Malardalen University which has expanded innovative culture among their students. Then, Adv. S. K. Jain expressed his belief that education is the important factor for achieving India’s dream of trillion-dollar economy and New Education Policy will be an important contributor for this purpose. In this context, he highlighted the importance of developing innovative culture among students to shift their mindset to creating jobs rather than seeking jobs.
In his presentation, Prof. Christer Nygren explained that the culture of innovation is imbibed among students right from primary education in Sweden. He stated that all stakeholders in the field of education need to move out of their comfort zone to become innovative. Teachers should facilitate the students’ ability to think big and deep and accept failure as a part of the learning process.
Sweden has largely used a co-production model which can be called as Triple Helix Model – a collaboration between the University, Public Sector and Corporate Sector. Here, all three sectors should create problems for research together, collect and analyse data together, so that new better knowledge is formed out of such collaboration.
Students, Faculty members, Principals and authorities from Shikshana Prasaka Mandali, Deccan Education Society, Maharashtra Education Society, Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha were present for the talk. The program was anchored by Prof. Sanjyot Apte, Prof. Vidya Awasare introduced the speaker and Prof. Sunil Gaikwad, In-charge Principal, S. P. College gave the vote of thanks.
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