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Ours is a renowned School & Jr. College under the auspices of the famous Shikshan Prasarak Mandali. Ours is a school exclusively for girls and strives for all-round development of our girl students. Our past students have been working actively in various fields. Our Results for both the 10th & 12th Board Examinations have been consistently around 100 %...All our teachers pay attention to both Academic & Sports Activities.


New Marathi Vidyalaya School Pune 30 

Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya Marathi School was established on January 1, 1883 by four primary teachers namely Ramchandra Deo, Krishnaji Dongre, Damodar Karambelkar, Ramchandra Kulkarni to spread and propagate Marathi language under the inspiration of Vishnushastri Chiplunkar.....

In this school which has completed 140 years, considering the changing social, educational and intellectual needs of the school and accepting the appropriate changes in it, giving a very up-to-date and quality education, the new Marathi Vidyalaya Marathi school is still running successfully. Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya Marathi Shala is one of the leading reputed schools in Pune city providing quality education through Marathi and Semi English medium.


In the city of Pune, which is famous as the home of learning, one of the most famous schools of the Shipra Mandal is Nu. Taking the fat of the work of Madam Montessori, Tarabai Modak and Gijubhai Badheka, Shi.Pr....



S. P. M. Girls Pre- Primary School, Pune

S.P.Mandali's Pre- Primary School established was on 12 June 1975.
The second was initially set up for the pre-primary section, and then was expended till 10th standard later, classes for 11th and 12th were started.
Being an only girls school, parents are always eager to enroll their children ( in the school).

The school Campus is spacious but enclosed to ensure the safety of students...

With the help of well-educated & well-trained teachers, the students received proper guidance and solutions to their difficulties. the school focuses on providing education with enjoyment and self experiences.
The talents of students are recognized and the students are encouraged to participate in various interschool competitions . the student wins many prizes every year.
In the tough situation of the covid pandemic, the school continued to teach & Educate their students in the online mode.

Late V. D. Vaidya Girls Primary School, Pune

The only girls school to cater to the area of Lokmanya Nagar, Navi Peth, Rambaug Colony, Sinhgad Road was established as 'S.P.Mandali's Girls Primary School' on 1st August.1978.It received 100% govt. grant on 1988. It has been serving the purpose of educating girls for the last 44 years. Through the donation received, today the building stands tall as 'Late V.D.Vaidya Girls Primary School'...The school has classes from first to the fourth standard which have 3 sections each, for which 1 Head Mistress,15 teachers & 6 Non Teaching staff is working. The school receives financial & In-Kind donations from society. In 2003, the Silver Jubilee of the school was celebrated by organizing various projects & programs. One of these was' Shukratara' by famous singers Shri Arun Date & Mrs.Suvarna Mategaonkar. As the school is progressing towards its golden jubilee, modern technology, new age concepts are being implemented. On this path, we are receiving guidance & encouragement from office bearers of S.P.Mandali.

S. P. M. English Medium Secondary School, Pune

We, at S.P.M. Secondary English School, endeavor to nurture a learning environment that supports and sustains a student’s belief in his own abilities and helps him to pursue excellence in all fields. We strive to achieve the satisfaction of students and parents through continual improvement of the student’s academic, physical, emotional, moral, and aesthetic development. ...We aim to inculcate a rational outlook in our students so that they shape into good global citizens of India.

S. P. M. English Medium Primary School, Pune

S. P. M. English School is a co-educational institution. The school is affiliated with the State Board and has classes up to std X. S.P.M School has excelled in providing fine education. ...The school endeavors kindling a fire in the young mind of its pupils. We aspire to prepare them for a world full of challenges and to make them better citizens of tomorrow.


S.P.M. Public English Medium School , Pune  

S.P.M Public English Medium School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. (CBSE, Affiliation No. 1130939) The school has classes from Nursery to Std 10. The school has a state of art infrastructure that aids in contributing to the teaching-learning process of the students. The school offers a variety of subjects including German and Sanskrit from Std 6....

There is a fine blend and balance of academic and co-curricular activities for the overall development of the student. The school ensures that qualities of head and heart are imbibed in the students by way of organizing activities like Care and Share projects. Grandparents day, Support staff day, etc. The school staff is well qualified, experienced to take up the challenges of shaping and molding the global citizens of tomorrow.

S.P.M.Marathi Medium primary School, Yamunanagar , Nigdi

The SPM Marathi Medium Pre-primary school started with four students on 1st July 1999, has reached a mile stone of 800 students. .Educational curriculum has been design taking into co-ordination of child phycology and active participation of parents also.....

To learn the concepts by students, lots of education aids are being use.Project-based education. .Parents are also involved in various activity. .students center education.


1. Our school is unaided.
2. From 1st std. our school runs in Semi English medium and on 5th standers onwards both option are available ( Marathi and Semi-English )
3. Our school is co-educated
...4. 25 % RTE Admission reserve from std. 1st
5. Cab Bulbul units ( Scout Guide )

S. P. M. Marathi Medium Secondary School, Nigadi

S.P.M. Marathi Medium School Secondary section started- June 2006 with 8th class. Our school runs on a Self-finance basis. The school is running different innovative activities in the academic year. It is providing opportunities for students to appear in various competitive exams. Sanskrit subject and semi English medium facilities are available in school... The school has a record of 100% SSC board result of 13 years. The school has a record of well-qualified and experienced teachers. The school has a well-equipped Science Lab, Computer Lab, ample teaching aids, rich library, spacious playground.



The school started functioning from 7th July 1998 in a rented flat in Pradhikaran with 7 students under the able guidance of The Shikshana Prasarka Mandali. ...In 1999 shifted to Yamunanagar ,Nigdi . Today the strength is 606.(Pre-primary -84 & Primary - 522)

V.R. Ruia Mook Badhir Vidyalaya Pune - 30  

Inspired by the founders of Shikshan Prasarak Mandali, Hon'ble Damodar Sadashiv Karambelkar, Ramkrishna Bhikaji alias Damuanana Kulkarni, Krishnaji Ballal Dongre, Ramchandra Gopal Dev and late. Due to the efforts of Malatibai Joshi, the first school for the deaf was started in Pune on January 1, 1953 and Shri. From Ruia The donation was received in the name of Vinay Kumar Ramniwas Ruia. Ca. Since Malatibai Joshi's sister is deaf, she established a school for her by conducting scientific training in this field. ... At present the school has 110 students recognized by Zilla Parishad Social Welfare Divyang Branch. The school is non-resident and provides free education through the school. Innovative initiatives are implemented. The academic result of the school is consistently costing 100%.Students from outside Pune district are eager to get admission for class 5th and 8th. Many students from outside Pune district have passed 10th standard and have been rehabilitated in various places.


H. D. Secondary School, Solapur

Total 3000 students are learning in Std.5th to 12th. Other Study related activities, Scholarship Pradnya Shodh Pariksha, Draw Exam. In all Holistic development Oratory, Singing etc. are taken. In Sports Kho-kho, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, Football and Badminton these all sports are taken. The Ground of the school is fully maintained for all types of activity buildings and premises. All Programs are conducted as per government rules.



1. The school has 5 classes each from 1st to 4th and the number of students is 923.2. Working Government 

Servants Class - 1 Headmistress, 20 Teachers, 1 Writer, 1 Peon 3. Working Institution Recognized Servants Class - 5 Teachers, 1 Writer, 3 Peon 4. The school building is paved and has two storeys and the school building has a complete protective wall. 5. School hours are 12 to 5.30 pm and children study together.
...6. The school has headmaster's room, teacher's room, record room, teacher's toilet, separate office etc. Sleep Are. 7. The school has all the physical facilities. 8. 2 pieces each from 1st to 4th are semi-English medium. 9. The school has solar system and rainwater harvesting system. 10. The school has a CCTV system installed.


N.M.V.shishushala, solapur.


Personal attention to the student, limited number of students,Student participation for rites through cultural programs, physical and intellectual development of students through various sports. Living free business, handicrafts, sense development, language and mathematics are taught along with laughter. The main objective of the school is to develop the students holistically by considering the child mind weapon. ...Awakening is done. Students undergo annual health check-ups and are guided by doctors and specialists.


Shikshana Prasarak Mandali Prathamik Shala establish in 1982 in Bhagwant Society Solapur.Its name change become donation given by V.M.Mehata .Total 782 students learned in school 1 Head Mistress,5 Grantable Teacher , 8 Non Grantable Teacher and 5 Non Teaching staff working in school. School provide Qualitetive education to student for their personality development.It is well known educational institute in Twin Solapur area.As per huge demand of parents school started Semi English medium.In technical world school also give e - learning education facility to student.Verious competitions ,activities conducted by school . ... School encourage to student for taking active part in comepetetive exam and always getting a grand success in District and State level.All programmes and festivals celebrated in school for giving knowledge of our culture .on Large play Ground School also organize sports competition for physical development of student and their importance. Satisfaction of Parents and Student graph of educational development of school always increase.



S. P. M. Pre-Primary School, Jule Solapur

The S.P.M.Pune.30's shishushala Jule Solapur has a reputation for providing quality education in the twin Solapur area, and therefore there is a huge demand of parents to get admission in this Marathi medium school when nowadays parents preferred English Medium schools over Marathi medium schools. So many times the number of students exceeds the admission limit. the availability of quality educational materials in the school helps in the holistic development of the students. Students are taught subjects like writing, reading, general knowledge, sports, science, etc. in a simple and easy way. ...lessons and various competitions and activities are organized for the students. In order to make the students aware of their culture and traditions, every Maharashtrian festival is celebrated in a big way in the school and the students are also involved in it. Since the teachers of the school are trained very well and teach the students with sincerity and diligence, the parents express satisfaction about the progress of their child in school.


S. P. M. English Medium School, Solapur

S.P.M.English School is established in June 2019 situated in the heart of Solapur City. It delivers the Central Board Curriculum. It is the first C.B.S.E school initiated by Shikshan Prasarak Mandali Pune in Solapur to cater quality education to the people of Solapur.
In the school play, way method is used for the holistic development of students. Children learn the values, traditions, and our culture while exploring academics.... Scholastic and non-scholastic subjects are taught to students by conducting different activities. All festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm along with students so that they can understand Indian rituals. Monthly field visits enhance the interest of students when they experience and correlate the content in books to day-to-day life. The child-friendly environment and greenery on the campus make children happy and fresh. The school has a rich academic history of 134 years and is bound to continue the legacy. As our Motto says"Dream, Believe and Achieve Together" we make students dream bigger, believe in their capabilities, and develop their skills so that they can make efficient use of it to achieve their goals.



SPM English Medium Pre-Primary & Primary School, Parshuram .  

SPM English Medium Primary School is run by the renowned educational institution “Shikshan PrasarakMandali, Pune.” It is affiliated with the CBSE. At present, it has 701 students on roll. It is an English Medium School. It was started in Parshuram village near the MIDC, Lote primarily to cater to the educational needs of the children of the workers and officers in various companies there. A lot of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year. It emphasizes the inculcation of universal values enshrined in Indian culture.



N.M.V.High School _ Junior College, Pune 

Nutan Marathi Vidyalay (NVM) is one of the oldest schools in Pune. The school was founded by Shikshan Prasarak Mandali, an education charity on 1st January 1883. The school has a secondary school section for students five to ten and Junior College.... NVM is a skyscraper of wisdom and knowledge sculpted by our students and teachers. We are proud of the immemorial legacy of tradition and culture deeply rooted in the changing waves of time. The students are the focus of the magnified vision of our institute, where extracurriculars and academics go hand in hand. Our heart swells up to see NMV's alumni excelling in versatile fields and we endeavor to add the feathers in the cap.