sp college department of chemistry organized one day workshop in collaboration with Anton paar

शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळी    22-Sep-2022
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SP Mandalis SP College, Department of Chemistry organized one day workshop in joint collaboration with Anton Paar India on Monday, September 19, 2022. The theme of the symposium was Stadler Seminar series Edition 2022 Dr Alexander Stadler (Anton Paar Austria) presented his work on applications of microwave assisted synthesis of value added products. Professor Vidya Avasare also presented her work on clean and cost effective synthesis cross coupling reactions.
Anton Paar Austria
Nearly 130 participants from different part of the state attended the symposium. The entire event was sponsored by Anton Paar. All faculty members and nonteaching staff wholeheartedly contributed to make the event sucessful. The similar lecture series will be conducted at IISER Mohali, Christ College Bangalore etc.