5th February, 2024 “REPORT ON GUEST LECTURE”

शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळी    12-Feb-2024
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shikshana prasaraka mandali guest lecture
The Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali, on the occasion of its 136th Foundation Day, organized an enlightening guest lecture of two distinguished speakers: Hon’ble Prof. Colin J. Suckling, Research Professor of Chemistry, University of Strathclyde and Hon’ble Prof. Mukund Chorghade, Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, THINQ Pharma / MVRC Research and Ayurvidya Healthcare Innovations on 5th February 2024 at Lady Ramabai Hall, Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune 30. The dais was graced by honorable Adv. S. K. Jain (Chairman, Managing Council), Shri. Shrikrishna Chitale (Vice-Chairman, Managing Council) and Shri. Rajendra Patwardhan (Member, Managing Council) along with the esteemed guests Hon’ble Prof. Colin Suckling and speakers. The Managing Council Members, Principals and Vice-Principals, Professors, Teachers from various branches of Colleges and Schools, Retired Professors, and Teachers associated with Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali were present for the event. Their esteemed presence distinguished the occasion, enriching the gathering with wisdom and experience. The program was open to all teachers and students around Pune. More than 300 faculties, students and research scholars were present for the program from Savitribai Phule Pune University, MES Abasaheb Garware College, H. V. Desai College, S. M. Joshi College, Fergusson College, Modern College, Wadia College, Mahatma Phule College etc.
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The program commenced at 4.00 pm with a heartfelt prayer by Ms. Sayali echoed through the venue, setting the tone for an inspiring and harmonious gathering. After that, the venue was graced with an auspicious aura as the ceremonial lighting of the digital lamp was accompanied by a reverent Saraswati Poojan, symbolizing the invocation of wisdom and knowledge to enrich the proceedings of the program.
In a touching tribute to their pioneering spirit, the program paid homage to these esteemed visionaries through a founders' photo poojan. The historical roots of the Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali (SPM) date back to 1888, when it was founded by visionary individuals including Krishnaji Balwant Dongre, Ramchandra Gopal Deo, Damodar Sadashiv Karambelkar and Ramchandra Bhikaji Kulkarni. These founding members laid the foundation for SPM's enduring legacy of educational excellence and societal impact. This heartfelt gesture served as a poignant moment of remembrance and gratitude, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the founders and reaffirming their enduring influence on SPM's mission and values.
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Dr. Sanjyot Apte, with eloquence and enthusiasm, took over the stage to introduce the program, captivating the audience with her profound insights into the significance of the Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali`s contributions in the educational landscape. She underscored the special occasion as the guest lecture coincided with the momentous 136th Foundation Day, commemorating SPM's enduring commitment to educational excellence and intellectual growth. Proudly, Dr. Apte told SPM as one of the pioneering educational societies in the state, emphasizing its unwavering dedication to fostering an environment conducive to free thinking and creativity. She elaborated on SPM's remarkable journey since its inception, noting its pivotal role in imparting quality education to more than 55,000 students in diverse educational institutions, including pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools and colleges specializing in Arts, Science and Commerce. The SPM's initiatives, such as a school for hearing-impaired children, a therapeutic drug monitoring laboratory and an institute dedicated to research in Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine alongside management institutes was also highlighted. The vivid picture of SPM's multifaceted contributions to education and society, setting the stage for an enlightening and celebratory event honouring the institution's rich legacy and enduring impact was painted in introduction.

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Next to this, Dr. Shrikant Musale introduced the esteemed chief guests, Prof. Colin J. Suckling and Prof. Mukund Chorghade, seamlessly weaving together their accomplishments and significance to reflect their profound influence on the event. The introduction highlighted that Prof. Colin J. Suckling has been instrumental in developing an anticancer drug that has progressed to the third phase of clinical trials.
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As a token of love and appreciation, Adv. S. K. Jain extended a gesture of felicitation to the esteemed guest, Prof. Colin J. Suckling, while Shri. Shrikrishna Chitale felicitated Prof. Mukund Chorghade with traditional Puneri Pagadi and Shela.

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Everyone's anticipation finally led to the main event – the first guest lecture featuring Prof. Colin J. Suckling, who delivered an engaging discourse on "Education Across the Centuries and Continents." Prof. Suckling commenced his talk with a deeply personal reflection on his longstanding relationship with India, revealing that each visit held profound emotional significance for him.
He recounted how his father, who had once engaged in meaningful exchanges with the esteemed Indian Nobel Laureate, Har Gobind Khorana, instilled in him a deep admiration for the country. Prof. Suckling vividly recalled his father's heartfelt admiration for Khorana, noting that he had often remarked about the unparalleled work ethic and dedication demonstrated by the esteemed scientist. Furthermore, Prof. Suckling humbly shared his privilege of teaching the groundbreaking discoveries pioneered by Dr. Khorana, a testament to the enduring impact of their connection and the profound influence of Indian scientists on global knowledge and innovation.
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Furthermore, Prof. Suckling delved into the rich history of the University of Strathclyde, offering insights into its evolution and achievements. He recounted the University's humble beginnings as Anderson's Institution, founded in 1796, which later merged with the Royal College of Science and Technology in 1964 to form the University of Strathclyde. Prof. Suckling highlighted key milestones and notable contributions made by the University of Strathclyde in Science, Engineering, and Technology.
Continuing his enlightening discourse, Prof. Suckling delved into the etymology of “Education”, tracing its origins back to Latin roots. He elaborated on how the term "education" derived from the Latin word "educare," meaning "to lead out" or "to bring forth". Prof. Suckling then explored the diverse interpretations and connotations of education across different languages, continents and epochs throughout history. From the Greek "Paideia" to the Sanskrit "Vidya", he illuminated the multifaceted meanings and cultural significance of education across various linguistic and cultural contexts.
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Through profound insight, Prof. Suckling delved into the profound meanings embedded within each component of the organization's name, "Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali". He elucidated that "Shikshana" encapsulates the essence of education, representing the cultivation and dissemination of knowledge. "Prasaraka" signifies spreading or propagating, highlighting the organization's mission to proliferate education far and wide. Lastly, "Mandali" denotes a group or association, reflecting the collective effort and collaborative spirit inherent in pursuing educational excellence. Prof. Suckling's elucidation underscored the holistic vision and noble objectives embodied by Sikshana Prasaraka Mandali, encapsulating its commitment to fostering learning and enlightenment in society.
In a poignant finale to his discourse, Prof. Suckling emphasized the transformative power of education “not only to uplift oneself but also to empower others”. He eloquently articulated that true education extends beyond personal enrichment, serving as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment within communities and societies. Prof. Suckling's profound insight underscored the inherent value of education as a force for social progress and collective advancement, resonating deeply with the audience and reaffirming the noble purpose of Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali's mission in promoting learning and knowledge dissemination.
Amidst the transition between the two talks, Shri. Rajendra Patwardhan shed light on a remarkable tradition spanning three generations within the Chorghade family. He illuminated the audience about the distinguished legacy where Prof. Chorghade’s father, himself, and now his son is pursuing his doctoral degrees alongside with the Nobel Laureates. This tradition symbolized a deep-rooted commitment to academic excellence and reflected the family's enduring dedication to scholarly pursuits and intellectual collaboration with esteemed scholars of the highest calibre. 
Shifting gears, the spotlight turned to the second guest lecturer, Prof. Mukund Chorghade, who delved into the theme of "Inspired, Inspiring, and Inspirational Science". Prof. Chorghade made a thought-provoking suggestion, advocating for the revision of the pledge to reflect the sentiment that "Education is my birthright, and I shall have it." Furthermore, Prof. Chorghade underscored the importance of efforts to bridge the gap between the East and the West. He emphasized the need for collaboration and mutual understanding between these two distinct cultural spheres, advocating for initiatives that promote dialogue, exchange and cooperation.
Prof. Chorghade also emphasized the significance of honouring and respecting traditional knowledge, recognizing it as the foundation of our cultural heritage and identity. He urged the audience to value and preserve the wisdom passed down through generations, acknowledging that traditional knowledge is integral to our collective roots. Next, Prof. Chorghade invoked the Sanskrit phrase "Vidya Vinayen Shobhate" and elucidated its profound significance, drawing upon an anecdote involving a Nobel laureate. He shared how the laureate exemplified humility despite their remarkable achievements, underscoring that true wisdom shines brightest when accompanied by humility.
Prof. Chorghade emphasized the urgent need for India to cultivate a new narrative of innovation and creativity. He proposed a shift from the traditional "Make in India" mantra to a more forward-thinking approach of "Invent in India". Prof. Chorghade passionately emphasized the country to prioritize the development of entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors, recognizing them as the driving force behind sustainable growth and global leadership. Further, he urged India to unleash its untapped potential and spearhead transformative change on the world stage. Prof. Chorghade's visionary call to action resonated strongly, igniting the audience's renewed sense of purpose and ambition to propel India towards a future defined by ingenuity, creativity and technological prowess.
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Guest lectures of Prof. Colin J. Suckling and Prof. Mukund Chorghade met with resounding acclaim from the audience, with attendees unanimously praising the excellence and depth of insights shared by them. Their presentations captivated the audience, fostering an atmosphere of intellectual engagement and inspiration. Attendees lauded the speakers' expertise, eloquence and thought-provoking perspectives, acknowledging the immense value they brought to the event. Prof. Suckling's historical insights and Prof. Chorghade's visionary outlook both hailed as exemplary contributions, underscoring the profound impact of their talks on the audience.
Lastly, Dr. Prashant Duraphe delivered a vote of thanks. With sincere appreciation, he expressed gratitude to all participants, organizers and especially the esteemed guests, extending warm thanks for their valuable presence and contributions that made the event memorable. Concluding the program, Ms. Avani Bhate (Std. 9th from SPM Eng. Med. School) wrapped up the event with Pasayadan. Pasayadan serves as a peaceful and reflective moment, expressing gratitude and invoking blessings for everyone’s presence.
In summary, the guest lectures organized by Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali on the occasion of 136th Foundation Day proved to be intellectually stimulating and enriching. Prof. Colin J. Suckling and Prof. Mukund Chorghade offered valuable perspectives on education and science, respectively, leaving a long lasting impact on the audience. The event successfully achieved its objective of fostering a culture of continuous learning and inspiration within the educational community. The insightful content and engaging presentations contributed to the event's overall success, establishing it as a commendable initiative by Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali.
Compiled by following teachers of S. P. College -

  • Dr. Dipali N. Lande
  • Prof. Vibhawari Pathak
  • Prof. Prasad C. Walimbe
  • Prof. Mansi S. Rathod
  • Prof. Shubham P. Badade